Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Febby Febiola, a boob tale!

Febby Febiola, the giant boobs, has not shown in public TV's since a long time. Where the hell she is ? Is she busy with her husband's cock ? No wonder, her husband is a french man, you know what French deal with boobs. Especially giant one like she has.

Why is she got so big boobs ? I dunno either fella, just guessing, she's get it by accident. What ? yes by accident. maybe when she was a young girl, she's got a giant bee stink on her breast hardly. Than the toxic stink has trough some chemical reaction with her growth hormon, making some genetic radical changes of her boobs up to now !

You can call me crazy fool, but what if I'm right ? You are the fool one ! Whatever our arguments giant boobs are still giant boobs what soever ! Every man in this world want to have such a 'yummy boobs' on his mouth. Licking, sucking and kissing for never ending fucking story ! Yeah, french man is the luckiest bastard ever ! Do they have such a big cock ? I don't think so, compare to Arabic cock, theirs nothing !

How come ? all the bataks must have a bataks couple, but this is french you know, what he got ? A big cock ? negative ! A bunch of money ? Most likely yes he does ! Money is the root of evil ...and joy too :P